Low Doc Home Loans

Low Doc Home Loans in Australia

Are you a self employed? Looking for home loan, but don’t have the current financials, low doc home loans may be the option you would want to consider.

With strict lending policies from major banks for self employed borrowers, banks see them more risk.

We Low Doc Loans Australia have been helping self employed borrowers with low documentation mortgages at very good interest rate.

30+ Lenders

Pepper money
Latrobe financial
Bluestone low Doc loan Bank

Low Doc Home Loan Features

Owner-occupied from 3.03% p.a and investment from 3.29%

Refinance with cash out (no limits) to 80% LVR

Only doc required is an Accountants Letter or 6 months BAS, or 3 months statements. 

Solutions available for credit impaired borrowers with mortgage arrears and defaults, writs or summons

30 Year Term (reduce your monthly payment)

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Frequently asked questions

At lowdocloansaustralia.net.au, we play our part and help you business grow your business. In last 5 years, we have serviced 100+ businesses, helping them them secure a loc doc loan. If you have questions, we have the answers.

What types of low doc loans does you offer?

We provide all types of low doc loans may it business car loan, Light commercial (vans and trucks), yellow goods, Excavator, equipment finance (Commercial equipment, Computers & office equipment, Marine, Dental Equipment and more) and commercial property finance.

What documents do I need to get a low doc loan?

For a low doc loan you will need a self declaration form and accounts letter, bank account statement or BAS. It all depends on the type of low doc lender and their risk appetite.

What is the interest rate for low doc loan?

The interest rate for low doc home starts form 2.99% for a self-employed borrower with more than 2 years of experience.

I have a recently started my own business, can i get a low doc home loan?

Yes if you have been working in same industry you get a low doc home loan.

Getting a low doc loan in Australia

Different types of low doc loans in Australia

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